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In order to adapt to the rapid development of life science in the 21st century, Nanjing Agricultural University integrates biochemistry and molecular biology, microbiology, botany, zoology into entirety. And then the College of life science was founded officially on October 20th, 2002.

Founded in 2002 on October 20th,the College of life science has four departments including biochemistry and molecular biology, microbiology, botany, and zoology, besides there is a center lab of life science experiment (" 211 "project key construction projects, the institutions of higher learning basic course experimental teaching demonstration center in Jiangsu province). The College has two key disciplines of the ministry of agriculture (botany and microbiology),and a key opens laboratory of ministry of agriculture about agricultural environmental microorganism. The botany is the composition of the leading subject platform of Jiangsu Province. In 2000 the College was authorized to award doctor's degree –conferring. The College cultures doctoral students and graduate students with many directions which include biochemistry and molecular biochemistry, molecular microbiology, botany, zoology, cell biology. The college has National base of life science and Technology Education, the National Science Foundation for scientific research and teaching personnel training base and the biological sciences (national specialty subject) and biological technology (symbolic subject in Jiangsu province). The college is responsible for developing advanced technical personnel devotes themselves to research, teaching and management of biological science.

The College of life science with strong ability of teaching and scientific researching. The College has about 102 staff members , including 27 professors , 32 associate professors , 17 lecturers , 24 doctoral supervisors , 53 master supervisors. 1 teachers got the award of ministry of education about young teachers in colleges and universities and the youth scientist of Jiangsu province.3 people are excellent youth in new century of ministry of education , 1 person won the title" Jiangsu provincial teaching masters among colleges and universities " , 1 person won the title of "national teaching masters" , 1 person to be included in a project about millions of talents in the new century. 5 were selected into the " blue engineering" among colleges and universities in Jiangsu province " , 4 were selected "333 high-level training project" in Jiangsu province . Since 2002 , the college undertakes over 400 projects of all kinds scientific research of country , ministry , provincial , got more than 5000 billion Yuan , which got the national outstanding youth fund twice , 77 projects of national natural scientific fund . Nearly 90 projects are in studying from the national 973 project , national 863 projects , and the national provincial natural scientific fund . Many research achievements are outstanding , one of them ,which hosteds by associate professor Shunpeng Li "the technology and application of microbial degradation of pesticide residues " won second prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2005 ; " the agent use to depredates pesticide residue by microbial bacterium " got a certificate about national new products;" Dasanyuan biological ,organic and inorganic compound fertilizer" got industrial project fund from National Planning Committee .Many series of herbicide products have been applied multiple patent . Annual publications of national core journals and three major retrieval webs are over 100 .

The College gets remarkable achievements in teaching , Botany is the national great course , Biochemistry and Plant physiology are Jiangsu provincial high-quality course ; Modern exploration and reform of traditional basic courses (botany) got the grand prize of teaching achievement in Jiangsu province ; Network teaching experiment and demonstration of" Botany" won the 2009 national higher education teaching achievement prize ; Plant science is one of the Jiangsu provincial excellent courses ; Botany and Biochemistry edited by own teachers are Jiangsu provincial high-quality books . Since 2004 , the college teachers are chief editors of Cell Biology、Environmental Microbiology、 Weeds,which belong to key books of" toward to 21st century" and "tenth five-year plan " .

The College pays much attention to international communications and cooperation.It has established long-term relations of cooperation with the United States , Japan , Korea , Australia , Germany , Hong Kong and other countries and regions .Many teachers and graduate students have experiences in studying or researching abroad .

The college of life science will further strengthen the teaching quality and management , expand foreign communications and cooperation . Gradually form own characteristics style which can combine production , study with research in biology science , biology technology and talent training . The college strive to achieve or close to the advanced level at home and abroad in teachers , experimental equipment , the selection and construction of teaching material curriculum system and teaching contents , teaching methods For our country to adapt to the vigorous development of life science and biological technology and its industry in the 21st century , the college can develop senior professionals and technical personnel who can devote to researching , teaching and managing in school and companies .