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梁永恒 教授
联系电话:025-8439 6376
办公室:生科楼C5009 实验室:生科楼C5011 所受教育及工作经历 (Education and working experience) 2008.07--现在 南京农业大学生命科学学院微生物系,教授,博士生导师 2002.09--2008.07 美国伊利诺伊州立大学芝加哥校区,博士后 1999.01--2002.07 新加坡国立大学生物系,植物生理生化专业,博士 1998.07--1998.12 广东省农业科学院良种苗木繁育中心 1995.09--1998.07 中山大学生命科学学院,植物生理学专业,硕士 1991.09--1995.07 湖南湘潭师范学院(现湖南科技大学)生物系,生物学专业,学士 研究方向 (Research interesting) 以酵母菌为主要研究材料,就如下几方面的内容开展研究: 1. 酿酒酵母中蛋白质运输(protein trafficking)的调控机制,重点关注Rab/Ypt小G蛋白对囊泡运输(vesicle trafficking)与细胞自噬(autophagy)的调控机制。针对Rab/Ypt小G蛋白及其上游调控因子鸟苷酸交换因子(GEF)在囊泡运输和/或细胞自噬中的作用及调控机制开展研究。2008年回国后所开展研究工作已有论文在主流杂志Genetics,Traffic和Molecular Biology of the Cell上发表。 2. 利用酵母基因组突变体库筛选一些药物的作用靶标,为相关作用机理的阐述提供重要信息,也可对药物的使用及改良提供指导。 3. 酵母基因工程菌株的构建。通过遗传学的手段,构建酵母基因工程菌株,用于生产具有重要价值的生物活性物质。 论文 (Publications) (#通讯作者) 代表性论文 Chen Y, Zhou F, Zou S, Yu S, Li S, Li D, Song J, Li H, He Z, Hu B, Björn L, Lipatova Z, Liang Y#, Xie Z# and Segev N#. 2014. A Vps21 endocytic module regulates autophagy. Molecular Biology of the Cell 25, 3166-3177. [PDF] (IF2014=4.548, 5-Year IF=5.154) Zou S, Chen Y, Liu Y, Segev N, Yu S, Liu Y, Min G, Ye M, Zeng Y, Zhu X, Hong B, Björn L, Liang Y#, Li S# and Xie Z#. 2013. Trs130 participates in autophagy through GTPases Ypt31/32 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Traffic 14, 233-246. [PDF] (IF2013=4.652, 5-Year IF=5.076) Zou S*, Liu Y*, Zhang XQ*, Chen Y, Ye M, Zhu X, Yang S, Lipatova Z, Liang Y# and Segev N#. 2012. Modular TRAPP complexes regulate intracellular protein trafficking through multiple Ypt/Rab GTPases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics 191, 451-460. (*equal contribution) [PDF] (IF2012=4.389, 5-Year IF=4.384) Liang Y, Morozova N, Tokarev AA, Mulholland JW and Segev N. 2007. The role of Trs65 in the Ypt/Rab guanine nucleotide exchange factor function of the TRAPPII complex. Molecular Biology of the Cell 18, 2533-2541. [PDF] (IF2007=6.028) Morozova N*, Liang Y *, Tokarev AA, Chen S, Cox R, Andrejic J, Lipatova Z, Sciorra V, Emr S and Segev N. 2006. TRAPPII subunits are required for the specificity switch of a Ypt/Rab GEF. Nature Cell Biology 8, 1263-1269. (*equal contribution) [PDF] (IF2006=18.485) (Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (2006) 7, 881; and recommended by "Faculty of 1000 Biology") Liang Y and Sun W. 2002. Rate of dehydration and cumulative desiccation stress interacted to modulate desiccation tolerance of recalcitrant Theobroma cacao and Ginkgo biloba embryonic tissues. Plant Physiology 128, 1323-1331. [PDF] (IF2002=5.8) Liang Y and Sun W. 2000. Desiccation tolerance of recalcitrant Theobroma cacao embryonic axes: the optimal drying rate and its physiological basis. Journal of Experimental Botany 51, 1911-1919.[PDF] (IF2000=2.0) 其它论文 Yang J, Yang Z, Yin Y, Rao M, Liang Y# and Ge M#. 2015. Three novel polyene macrolides isolated from cultures of Streptomyces lavenduligriseus. Journal of Antibiotics. 69, 62-65 [PDF] (IF2015=1.730, 5-Year IF=1.821) Zou S*, Liu Y*, Zhang C, Yu S and Liang Y#. 2015. Bet3 participates in autophagy through GTPase Ypt1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Cell Biology International. 39, 466-474. (*equal contribution) [PDF] (IF2015=1.933, 5-Year IF=1.701) Ye M, Chen Y, Zou S, Yu S and Liang Y#. 2014. Ypt1 suppresses defects of vesicle trafficking and autophagy in Ypt6 related mutants. Cell Biology International 38, 663-674. [PDF] (IF2014=1.634, 5-Year IF=1.543) Zou S, Wang Q, Kang X, Liao Y, Chen Y, Liu Y, Min G, and Liang Y#. 2012. Improved methods for cloning and detection in the yeast two hybrid assay. Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology 3, 928-935. [PDF] Jin X, Rao M, Wei W, Ge M, Liu J, Chen D and Liang Y#. 2012. Biosynthesis of new lipopentapeptides by an engineered strain of Streptomyces sp. HCCB10043. Biotechnology Letters 34, 2283-2289. 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Physiologia Plantarum 115, 213-220. [PDF] Li C, Liang Y and Hew C. 2002. Response of Rubisco and sucrose-metabolizing enzymes to different CO2 in a C3 tropical epiphytic orchid Oncidium Goldiana. Plant Science 163, 313-320.[PDF] Sun W and Liang Y. 2001. Discrete levels of desiccation sensitivity in various seeds as determined by the equilibrium dehydration method. Seed Science Research 11, 317-323.[Abstract] 综述 Yu S and Liang Y. 2012. A Trapper Keeper for TRAPP, its structures and functions. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 69, 3933-3944. [PDF] 梁永恒,黄上志,傅家瑞。1999。植物种质资源的保存。植物生理学通讯 35卷 第3期:244-250.[Abstract] My ResearchID: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/F-9972-2011 My ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yongheng_Liang2/publications 在研科研项目 国家自然科学基金,酵母Vps21模块蛋白通过Vps34和PI3P调控自噬前体闭合的机制研究(编号31671479),2017.1-2020.12,主持人。 微生物代谢国家重点实验室(上海交通大学)开放课题,酵母中囊泡运输与细胞自噬代谢途径交互作用网络的构建(编号MMLKF16-05),2016.5-2018.4,主持人。 国家自然科学基金,酵母中的Ypt51与CORVET复合体互作对细胞自噬的影响及作用机理(编号31271520),2013.1-2016.12,主持人。 学会会员 (Membership) 中国细胞生物学学会;美国细胞生物学学会(ASCB) 欢迎对科研有浓厚兴趣的学生报考本实验室的硕士及博士研究生 Last update on September 10, 2016
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